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URL: http://www.blizzard.com/

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  • http://www.blizzard.com/Blizzard Entertainment (веб-сайт)
    • /news.htm — News (Title page)
    • /info.htm — Company Profile
      • ./contact.htm — Contact Information
      • ./jobopp.htm — Job Opportunities
    • /titles.htm — Titles
    • /warbc/warbc.htmWarcraft: Battlechest (веб-сайт)
      • /bigpix/wbcw2x.htm — Warcraft Battle Chest Screenshots: Two Orcish clans clash on the shores of Draenor.
      • /bigpix/wbcw1.htm — Warcraft Battle Chest Screenshots: A Human Conjurer rains down fire upon an Orcish encampment.
      • /bigpix/wbcw2.htm — Warcraft Battle Chest Screenshots: Human air and sea units stage a raid on an Orcish refinery.
      • /bigpix/warbc.htm — Warcraft Battle Chest
    • /diablo/diablo.htm — Diablo Title Page
      • ./leoric.htm — Diablo: King Leoric
      • ./warrior.htm — Diablo: Warrior Profile
      • ./rogue.htm — Diablo: Rogue Profile
      • ./sorcerer.htm — Diablo: Sorcerer Profile
      • ./diabflic.htm — Diablo opening animation
      • ./leoric.htm — Diablo: King Leoric
        • /bin/diablo.exe — Exe-file
      • /bigpix/leoric.htm — Diablo: The Madness of the King
      • /bigpix/albrecht.htm — Diablo: Leoric's son, Albrecht
      • /bigpix/d-pic7.htm — Diablo Screenshots: A rogue steps through a portal into the middle of a fierce combat.
      • /bigpix/d-pic6.htm — Diablo Screenshots: A mage's staff can be as formidable as any sword.
      • /bigpix/d-pic8.htm — Diablo Screenshots: Fire is sometimes the only effective weapon against the undead.
      • /bigpix/d-pic1.htm — Diablo Screenshots: Perhaps the rumors are true that these catacombs lead into Hell itself.
      • /bigpix/d-pic2.htm — Diablo Screenshots: You will need to master both sword and sorcery to face the denizens of the underworld.
      • /bigpix/d-pic3.htm — Diablo Screenshots: The fury of the sky is about to be unleashed.
      • /bigpix/d-pic4.htm — Diablo Screenshots: A lone warrior challenges two of the Flesh Clan to step closer.
      • /bigpix/d-pic5.htm — Diablo Screenshots: It pays to be cautious when raiding the lair of the Skeleton King.
      • /bigpix/d-pic9.htm — Diablo Screenshots: A trio of adventurers face off against the Skeleton King and his undead warriors.
      • /bigpix/sword.htm — Diablo Screenshots: A mysterious vision has been haunting your dreams. Perhaps the answer lies within the dungeon...
      • /bigpix/d-game1.htm — Diablo Screenshots: A pair of gargoyles gets much more than they bargained for.
      • /bigpix/crow.htm — Diablo Screenshots: ???
      • /bigpix/d-game2.htm — Diablo Screenshots: ???
    • /waradv/waradv.htmWarcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans (веб-сайт)
      • /bigpix/wa-01.htm — Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans Gallery
      • /bigpix/wa-02.htm — Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans Gallery
      • /bigpix/wa-03.htm — Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans Gallery
    • /star/star.htm — StarCraft Title Page
      • ./invader.htm — Zerg Info
      • ./zurg.htm — Zerg Info
      • /bigpix/marine.htm — Starcraft: A Terran Marine with Marauder armor and chain rifle.
      • /bigpix/goliath.htm — Starcraft: A Terran Goliath assault vehicle.
      • /bigpix/faceoff.htm — Starcraft: A Terran Goliath and a Protoss Templar face off against each other.
      • /bigpix/mvp.htm — Starcraft: A Marine and a Protoss have a close encounter.
      • /bigpix/sc-game1.htm — Starcraft: Protoss Scouts and Interceptors attack a Terran convoy.
      • /bigpix/mgun.htm — Starcraft: A lone Marine guards a hallway.
      • /bigpix/s-pic1b.htm — Starcraft: Protoss ships conduct a raid on a Terran facility.
      • /bigpix/marines.htm — Starcraft: A pair of Terran Marines investigate a derelict spacecraft.
      • /bigpix/s-pic5b.htm — Starcraft: Protoss and Terran forces fight on a desert world.
      • /bigpix/oong.htm — Starcraft: A Protoss warrior advances cautiously.
    • /support/cd.htm — "Why CD-ROM?"
    • /support/serial.htm — "How do I run a serial game?"
    • /support/modem.htm — "How do I play over a modem"
      • /support/init.htm — Modem Init Strings
    • /support/network.htm — What is an IPX Network
    • /support/spawning.htm — "What is “spawning”?"
    • /support/serial.htm — "How do I run a serial game?"
    • /support/modem.htm — "How do I play over a modem?"
    • /support/network.htm — "What is an IPX Network?"

    • /library/docs/970317wa.htm — Press Room

Ссылки на сторонние ресурсы:

  • http://www.battle.net/ — Сайт сервиса Battle.net
  • http://www.gamesonline.com/ — Сайт ENGAGE games online
  • http://www.ten.net/ — Сайт сервиса Total Entertainment Network
    • /html/ten__warcraft.html — Описание и краткая инструкция об игре в Warcraft через TEN
    • /html/ten__diablo.html — Описание и краткая инструкция об игре в Diablo через TEN
    • /games/warcraft/ — Подробное описание и инструкция об игре в Warcraft через TEN
    • /games/diablo/ — Подробное описание и инструкция об игре в Diablo через TEN
  • http://www.mplayer.net/ — Сайт MPlayer.com
  • http://www.esrb.org/rating.html — Сайт организации ESRB
  • http://www.slamsite.com/ — Игровое кафе Slam Site